The Selection Opening Credits


The purpose of this project was to take an existing book that hasn’t already been made into a movie and create and opening title sequence that elates to the content and tone of the book. Students could video shoot or animate graphics, but the final piece should be created in aftereffects.

The book that I chose to do my project on is the first book of a series called The Selection. This is a futuristic post-apocalyptic novel that takes place in the U.S after a giant overthrow. The country is now run by a monarchy and the country’s people are born into castes both considered poor and wealthy. The monarchy decides to do a lottery pull for an arranged marriage to the prince. The main character of the book gets chosen to participate in the competition for marriage and only decides to go because the longer you stay, the more money you receive. Since she comes from a lower caste, this is very appealing to her, but it’s known that she’s not there for the hope of marrying the prince.

After reading the book, I noticed how it took a dark tone and almost gave off a creepy vibe, so I wanted that to reflect in my final piece. I shot my video with my Canon Camera with the help of my friends as models. I did it at night so that the lighting held a lot of contrast. Lastly, I filtered the final video footage to be black and white to make sure it held a sense of mystery. Below is a couple screenshots of the footage, but click the link to access it.

Course: Motion Design    Software: Indesign, Aftereffects, Vimeo     Year: Fall, 2020