Rubberducks Stadium Rebrand


The purpose of this project was to take the Rubberduck’s stadium existing brand and recreate it. What made this project so unique, was the fact that we were assigned groups and got the chance to collaborate with other student designers. We were able to tour the stadium and also meet with the general manager to ask questions. He was also able to express their issues with having two different brand styles running throughout the park that made it a little confusing for fans. We then decided as a group to completely scrap the existing brands and go in a different direction.

The rebrand is a completely new look that still includes the team’s orange, yellow, and blue color with black as the main background color. Since being in a pandemic, the team’s season was cancelled so the stadium held different events for the public. Due to this, our group decided to use a Canal Park Stadium logo that we created in our pieces instead of using the usual Rubberduck’s logo. The pieces shown below were my contribution to the final project. Although it was a team effort, everyone had their individual roles.

Course: Advanced Graphic Design    Software: Indesign, Photoshop     Year: Fall, 2020