Outfit of the Day App


The purpose of this project was to create an app that doesn’t already exist and prototype it using Invision. This project consisted of a lot of research and looking at similar apps and solving the problem of making your app stand out. Before getting to the actual designs, students had to create mood boards, manage competitor research, conduct interviews for audience research, define your audience, and create flow charts with matching wire frames.

The app that I decided to create is called Outfit of the Day. This app focuses on keeping up with fashion trends, making your own daily style journal, getting inspiration from others, organizing your closet inventory, planning your outfits ahead of time, and tracking your clothing item statistics. The design approach I took was minimal in color and type because I wanted the outfits and clothing items to stand on their own. Click the link below to test the prototype!


Course:  UI/UX Design    Software: Indesign, Invision     Year: Spring, 2021