Commercial Photo


The purpose of this project was to shoot a variety of different photos, both in the studio and in other environments. Some of these shots include: a product shot, an architecture shot, photos for a hypothetical magazine article, a food shot, and a headshot. Lighting plays a huge role when shooting your images. The images below use both natural lighting, as well as, hard light lamps and soft light lamps.

I chose to shoot my instax mini 9 with a pink background so that the light blue product stands out. The cookie shot was photographed with natural lighting and I chose to focus on the foremost cookie to make it pop more. My human photographs were done in both the studio and a different location. Lastly, my architecture shot was done at the Cleveland Art Museum. This is probably my favorite shot because of the natural lighting and because you can see people moving through it and I love how I captured life in the moment.

Course: Commercial Photo     Software: Lightroom, Photoshop     Year: Spring, 2019     

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