Informational Kiosk


The purpose of this project was to design a kiosk using at least 3 intersecting rectilinear forms. Subject matter could be an art movement or a single artist.

I chose to use Massimo Vignelli as my subject matter. Massimo Vignelli was an Italian designer who worked in a number of areas ranging from package design through houseware design and furniture design to public signage and showroom design. He was the co-founder of Vignelli Associates, with his wife, Lella. His ethos was, “If you can design one thing, you can design everything,” and this was reflected in the broad range of his work. The final form was created in Sketchup and reflects my perception of who Massimo Vignelli was as an artist highlighting specifically on his New York City subway map that was considered controversial.

Course: Advanced Graphic Design     Software: Indesign, SketchUp     Year: Fall, 2020